Stock Trends: Conflict in Israel

Not an easy topic to discuss but fuck it, the world isn’t all rainbows. Another complicated crisis is emerging in Jerusalem following a series of security incidents.

Some background

On July 14, three Arab gunmen opened fire from the Noble Sanctuary (as known to the Muslims) / Temple Mount (as known to the Jews) at Israeli police guards, killing two before being shot dead . In response, Israel closed the shrine for two days for weapons searches and installed the metal detectors.

This decision quickly triggered Muslim protests and street clashes, amid allegations that Israel was trying to expand its control at the controversial site under the guise of security.

Keeping up with Trends

I won’t get into the merits of this endless conflict, this is not a blog about politics…it’s about making money from stock photography.

Continuing on with the blog post I wrote last month about keeping up with the latest trends, since I was in Israel in February, I still have a small collection of unedited / overlooked images which may be used to highlight some stories of the new conflict.

To be brutally honest, I rarely go back to older collection to work on images…it’s just too time consuming. If it didn’t pass the first, second or third filters, then they’re probably snapshots. I rather shoot new stuff, but Israel is a hot story and I’ll make a huge exception.

Here’s a few images I’ve worked on today and will be submitting to stock agencies. Since these will be new images in my collections, it may help to drive sales of older images from my initial submission in February. Worth a try.

Notes on Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem, Israel
Notes on the Western Wall
Old Jerusalem3
View from the outskirts towards the Old Town with some interesting foreground elements
Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Israel
A cropped version of another image taken at the Mount of Olives, quite generic image as many tourists visit this site
Old Jerusalem2
Can’t believe I overlooked this one the first time, as it’s a nice panorama of both the Golden Dome and the Al-Fakhria minaret (grey dome). In the middle is the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site

Creme de la Creme

Old Jerusalem4
I completely overlooked this one, showing a heavy security presence in the foreground at this most delicate piece of land. The wooden bridge is known as the Mughrabi Bridge, which connects the Western Wall area with the Mughrabi Gate of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel. I blurred out the foreground as I would prefer this to be accepted as a commercial image, even if it’s most likely to be used editorially

I wrote a detailed photo-article on my trip to Israel – check it out here.

Shalom, Salam and Peace


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