About Alex


I’m a travel photojournalist who is energized by continuously exploring new places to capture images that provoke a strong emotional response.

In 2011, having just discovered Sebastiao Salgado’s amazing work, I embarked on creating my own fine art photography, with a twist for my love of traveling. After moving from London to the Netherlands in the same year, I had the opportunity to explore the windy Dutch countryside via bicycle, which in turn allowed me to hone my craft.

In 2014, I relocated to Italy for work, facilitating me with a fresh artistic perspective. I continue to travel regularly on two wheels and explore this idyllic country, having fallen in love with its food, quaint colorful villages, and breathtaking Alps. However, my travels aren’t restricted to Europe, having recently visited Ecuador, Israel, and the UAE, with many more destinations to come…

To fund some of my travel adventures, I submit stock photos – and I’m pleased to announce that I have recently published the Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography – click below to purchase a PDF copy.

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Also available on kindle:

Also, please feel free to contact me and visit my website at arotenberg.photoshelter.com

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