Shutterstock Rejections are Getting Ridiculous (but there’s hope…)

First of all apologies for the click-bait title but trust me this will be a useful quick post since you’ve probably noticed that in the past few months SS reviewers have suddenly become very strict.

Now, getting ridiculous rejections is nothing new and I’ve written about my most ridiculous rejections.

Slow-clap to iStock QC reviewers

From 99% acceptance to (roughly) 40%, overnight

From around September 2019, something drastically changed at Shutterstock HQ when I started receiving a flurry of technical rejections (focus, noise, lighting, etc.). One theory is that they’ve started using AIs on first submissions…

I found it very strange since I’ve been using the same equipment for a good 6 years and know the ideal settings like the back of my hand…as well as how to post-process. Allow me to illustrate the ridiculousness of the situation with the following now-common rejection reasons:

Noise rejection

My recent series of ride-apps were all rejected for noise, frustratingly

Here’s one rejected for focus


Here’s one clip rejected for Lighting (haven’t had this one for literally years!)


Second-time lucky!

So i re-submitted the above content without any modifications and lo and behold, they were accepted. This suggests that there must be a separate, less strict, review on a second or third try (since I assume that most contributors don’t bother to re-submit). However, difficult to speculate for sure what’s exactly going on behind the scenes…it really doesn’t matter as long as they get through and are potentially useful to buyers. Here’s the batch as accepted within my port, which you can view right here:

Thanks, Mauro, for being my stock prop on the apps shoot!

As for the big cruise ship, I’m pretty certain that it should have never been accepted due to the nasty flickering…for once I agree with the reviewers! The real-time looks OK though, what do you think, Doug?

Give it a go

So my tip is that it’s worth insisting to get your images accepted at SS. Once in a while you may have to make some slight tweaks, such as add noise reduction or in the case of focus rejections, export at lower resolutions.

At any other agency I’d probably give up to be honest as just not worth the effort, especially at the Microstock Minnows.

Good luck on your re-submissions.

About Alex

I’m an eccentric guy on a quest to visit all corners of the world and capture stock images & footage. I’ve devoted six years to making it as a travel photographer / videographer and freelance writer (however, had recently go back into full-time office work to make ends meet!). I hope to inspire others by showing an unique insight into a fascinating business model.

I’m proud to have written a book about my adventures which includes tips on making it as a stock travel photographer – Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography


  1. I suspect that, despite their protestations, they are using AI for the first pass, but when you resub, it gets looked at by a human. I have had the same results as you. An entire batch gets rejected, I resub and they are all accepted.

    OTH, SS revenue is now about half of what it was even a year ago. Fortunately, Adobe has stepped up and is more than making up for it. I fear SS’s bottom-feeding tactics may have finally caught up with them.

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  2. Yes, SS reviews are a complete mess these days. I’m getting all kinds of dumb rejections for the stupidest reasons. Anything with water, clouds, or mist is sure to get rejected for noise.

    I submitted several clips with a model release last week — accepted. I submitted more the next day of the same model, on the same shoot, with the same release — rejected because the release does not meet their critieria. This is just a bunch of wasted time.

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  3. For the exact same 400 images submitted in December 2019, I had an 83% acceptance rate at Adobe and a 66% acceptance rate at ShutterStock. I had many of the same rejection reasons as you did. A little frustrating, but thanks to StockSubmitter it’s not a big time waster. I haven’t tried resubmitting any yet but maybe I will!

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  4. Glad it’s not just me! I know my equipment, I know when a photo is out of focus or too noisy for the agencies, yet I’m getting rejections like this too…it’s been ridiculous lately. Video is even worse!

    How can it be that I have nearly a 100% acceptance rate at Adobe, which is picky and I’m down to 60-65% at SS when it was nearly 100% a few months ago? Absolutely frustrating, especially when it’s. A video and takes forever to upload

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  5. I got the same 50-60% rejection. Stupid one like Noise Artifact in a ISO64 image 😀 I also get the stupid out of focus, on tack-sharp images, etc. I tried to resubmit one the other day, and it got accepted really quick, so now I have created a “Resubmission | Shutterstock” album in Capture One 😀

    How long do you wait until you resubmit ?

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  6. Strictly my opinion, but this is how should they done it the first place. At least 50% rejection rate. Shutterstock is full of junky, very-similar images that messes up the search results, therefor clients hartdly can find your images. This oversaturation of shutterstock is the main reason people are not getting into stock photography and not making enghouph money. It’s as if they don’t care about quality every junk is approved.

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  7. I am finding that getting you photos accepted in Shuttlestock really difficult, I had summit a few photos and all had been rejected then I did some editing and resubmit the same photos again, but it was rejected again and I am really getting tired of shutterstock. Right now, I am in the stage where i think that getting photos approved in shutterstock is impossible. I mean I fixed the photos 6 times and still don’t get my photos approved and I am not a beginner photographer


    • It’s not about fixing a photo since usually there is nothing wrong with them, it’s about re-submitting until it gets through. My record is 7 times but on average it gets through after the 3rd time. Good luck!!!


  8. I thought that I am the only one with so many rejections in some last 3-4 months at SS. I will try resubmit them but up to now, there are almost 60 % of submited images rejected. Therefore it will be a lot of work!
    Thanks to all of you guys in the discusion and especialy to you Alex!

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  9. I have also been getting a ridiculous amount of rejections. When you resubmit the photos do you click on previously submitted or just resubmit?


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