Part II: Making images more commercially interesting

Continuing on with the series on making images more commercially interesting. If you missed Part I, here it is. I’m taking a little break from shooting, as I’ll be honest with you, it’s just too hot outside with record temperatures in Italy. It’s nice being indoors with the air conditioning, enjoying some cold coffee.

So, while I’m improving the keywording of some older images on Alamy using an excellent piece of keywording (, I’ve stumbled upon some images from last year when I was in Rio during the Olympics that I’ve decided to improve.

Here’s one such image:


At the time it made for a nice editorial about the upcoming Olympics with the famous lake, skyline and mountains of Rio in the background, but now that’s is been one year it’s no longer interesting news (it’s past its life cycle).

Therefore, I’ve decided to resurrect this image by cloning out the message inside the sign to leave it completely blank. So that if a business wishes to license this image they may insert whatever call to action they wish insert the sign or surrounding copy space.


I did my own as a sick joke as the city is experiencing a crime wave. It’s a beautiful place with amazingly friendly people but it’s a pity about what’s happening.

Disclaimer: Photoshoped
army in rio - Copy
Army on the streets

In total this was as 20-minute job on Photoshop using the cloning tool. I’ve submitted it to Alamy (pending), Shutterstock (have accepted them all) and Fotolia (pending).

I’ll keep you up to date if there’s much movement.

Until next time!



  1. One comment on your sign in Rio – I think that might be skating on thin ice as you have made it appear that the Rio Prefecture (via their official badge) has put that message out. You could remove their sign and be OK, but I don’t think you can legally leave their badge there and put your own message on the sign.


    • Fake news!

      You’re right and I should be careful. It’s a bit of a running joke with my cousin works for the Rio Prefecture and is actually putting up similar signs like that around Rio, especially around the hiking trails.

      I think a reasonable person would see it as a joke though. 🙂

      Hope you can visit Rio one day, Steve, it’s a beautiful place.



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