Just a random afternoon shooting stock (step-by-step)

Hey fellow storm chasers,

The weather has been weird lately here in northern Italy. Weeks of extreme heat and high humidity followed by a few days of unstable weather, including thunderstorms. This is great because I was getting tired of shooting blue skies and the heat was making everything really hazy. A bit of rain does wonders to clear the air.

I’m lucky that I live close to a major airport and a major park, so I’m often cycling back and forth on a loop (about 15km). Some oxygen to the brain does wonders to get the creative juices flowing.


Trying out some stock footage

Lately I’m trying out some stock footage. It’s a whole different ball game and enjoying the experience so far. Getting some good tips on the MSG forum. 

There’s some beautiful wheat fields adjacent to the airport and with the changing light I tried some 30 second footage. Also took some pics, which have already been submitted and accepted at Shuttestock. Not the most exciting shots but remember that often boring shots do sell as it may meet the buyer’s needs.

The stock footage didn’t turn out so well, so I’ll go back there another time and re-shoot.

Bale Bound Straws

Next, I saw that a field had recently been harvested and there were numerous bales. Normally, I ignore these but the light was quite special. Here’s the best one from the bunch, which appears to be more premium than the others since it combines with an airplane and sky-scrappers background.

I’ve decided to submit this one to Robert Harding, a midstock travel agency. One lesson I hammer on and on is to submit your ‘premium images’ to midstock agencies, such as Alamy, instead of wasting them at micro agencies.

Robert Harding are super picky and may not accept it in which case I’ll relegate it to micros. In hindsight, I should have HDR this baby as part of the sky is blown out.

bundle milan - Copy

Need some humour in this industry as Adobe Stock rejected this image for “Grain” lol

At the park

Arriving at the park it started to rain on and off. I spotted a rainbow and bang! Maybe this image will be my pot of gold. 

Playground for kids on the water with a rainbow
Interestingly the colours of the rainbow are similar to the adventure water park. I had to be quick to get this shot as a few minutes later the rainbow disappeared!


On my way back I managed to catch some breaks in the rain and captured the following airplanes shots. I was using a 300mm lens on a crop sensor.

airplanes ready to take off at milan linate-13 - Copy
This one was landing. There’s a hint of the mountains in the background
airplanes ready to take off at milan linate2 - Copy
And another one taking off, interesting effect with the water spray

I’ve submitted these as editorial. Normally I would clone out logos, etc but I think these images work better as editorial since Alitalia is going through a bankruptcy and these images would work well in news pieces.

All in all

All this was about 2-hours worth of work, plus another hour post-processing. I’ll keep you up to date whether these are regularly downloaded. It’s tough to make a living off stock photography but I do try!

Until next time!


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    • Simple works best. You’ve got some beautiful hay fields around you, perhaps while waiting for the next train to go by you can try shooting some of them? 🙂
      Or try as I did and capture the changing light and the wheat dancing in the wind.


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