Get Started in Stock Photography by Veteran Stock Photographer Steve Heap

Dear fellow contributors,

I’m pleased to announce a partnership with Steve Heap, a veteran stock photographer and author of the Get Started in Stock – A step-by-step guide to Microstock Photography (4th edition). His blog, Backyard Silver, is a treasure-trove of useful information, including his updates on how much he’s made at each agency and which images are most popular – he’s consistently earned over $2,500/month so take his advice!

Get started in stock photography

The stock industry is so complex that my book,  Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography and Steve’s Get Started in Stock nicely complement each other. I took a broader view, discussing the various agencies out there, photographic technical elements and opportunities outside of microstock with the skills gained from being a stock contributor.

Steve’s approach was to focus less on the market and the photographic skills needed and put much more detail around the “OK, so how do I do it?” question, with chapters about how to work with each agency, a workflow for handling all the images, sections on keywords and keywording tips and so on. We’re both brutally honest about how tough it is to make it but give you the tool to succeed!

You can read more and buy Steve’s book for $7.99 via this link, but we both have agreed to bundle our books together for a grand total of only $10. This includes both the PDF and eBook formats and is a whopping $5.49 less than buying them from Amazon or individually. You can buy the bundle from my site here or on the link below.

Washington Monument towers above blossoms
Price: $15.98 Price: $10.99

Take advantage of this unique offer and receive an encyclopedia of know-how on making money with stock photography!

BUY NOW and I’ll critique 5 of your stock images for FREE!



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