Limited time only deal – Buy my book and get a critique of 5 of your stock images for FREE!

Hey fellow photography grinders,

I’ve decided to share the love and I’ve put together a new offer, which lasts until the 30th of June. Thereafter, I’m off to the beach.

So here it is: Buy a copy of my book and I’ll critique 5 of your stock images. I’ll tell you whether:

  • whether they have commercial value;
  • how to improve them technically;
  • which agencies I would recommend to submit; and
  • even which key words to use to make sure buyers find your image among the masses.

For those that already bought the book, msg me and I’ll still help you out with the critiques 🙂

Here’s what some top Microstock photographers have said about the book.

Take advantage of this limited offer now!

Airplanes at Linate, Milan2

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Also available on kindle:

Good luck with your shooting!



  1. I bought Alexandre’s book from this page. I haven’t read the book yet but he was very prompt on reviewing the five images I sent him. His critique was indeed “brutally honest” and very helpful to me. I got some very helpful tips that I will use in the future.

    Alexandre knows his stuff and you should take advantage of this offer!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Steve. Pleasure to help and please let me know if you have any specific questions while you’re going through the book. Send me 5 for pics in a few months and I’ll perhaps be even more “brutally honest” haha Good luck! Alex


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