Shooting Content That Sells Featuring Adobe Stock’s Mat Hayward and Wirestock

Ever wondered what makes stock content sell? Are there any secret ingredients marketplaces like Adobe Stock are looking for, and how can your work benefit from knowing what those ingredients are? Today, Wire sessions, an online event series released a fresh episode that shines a light on all those questions.

In this session, Wirestock’s Eric Ghazarian and Adobe Stock’s Mat Hayward delve into all things stock content: what to shoot, how to shoot, what trends to look out for, and more!

-> Shooting Content That Sells <-

I trust you’ll find the content super useful for your own stock business.

Until next time – Alex


  1. Alex hi! I’m wondering if there is a (special business) connection between Wirestock and Adobe Stocks, they collaborate on a different level it seems to mee…, and the images I upload to Wirestock are selling only on Adobe, which is strange. Do you have any inside on this?

    And keep up with the work you are doing, I find your blog very helpful!

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  2. Wirestock partners with Istockphoto. Check their portfolio here: Can you find your images in this portfolio? Do you have any sales there?


  3. I know that Wirestock partners with Adobe Stock. There are more than 1 million files in their portfolio. However, I cannot find Wirestock’s portfolio on Adobe. Please check your account. Can you find your Wirestock’s files on Adobe Stock?


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