Covid-Related Stock Opportunities in 2021 using Google Trends Analytics – Part I

As mentioned in my 2020 yearly-recap post, I’ve taken on a new opportunity to publish freelance articles at, a new agency that will help you to optimize your workflow by managing, collaborating and distribute all your content in one place. Highly recommend to check them out!

Google absolutely hates duplicate content to the point of punishment, therefore I kindly as you to click on the link below to visit the original blog post via the link below:

Covid-Related Stock Opportunities in 2021 using Google Trends Analytics – Part I

I trust you’ll find it useful / interesting for your own stock business.

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  1. Hi Alex! Thanks for your endless effort! Wishing you Happy New Year 2021. Even if this is evident for years, but recently I’ve noticed more strange results on my submissions. Images declined for the reasons: Visible three stripes on my own sport shoes…an image showing landscape with myself in the front! Blurred person (Shutter speed of 1/60) riding e-scooter absolutely not recognizable face twice declined because a model release was not attached! On the other hand I read New Year newsletters from the agencies, click onto “the most selling images (or videos) of 2020” and see kids sitting in the classroom, people sitting on the shore of the river…100% not editorial category, I doubt that an author has all the parents signatures on the model releases for the kids, or strangers sitting far from a photographer, with recognizable faces. What do you thing? Is there some kind of protectionism or what? Someone can, someone can’t.

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    • Hi Alfred!

      Happy new year to you too.

      I assume you’re talking about SS. Well, my theory is that one of their cost-cutting measures is to deploy an army of AI to review first batches of content. That’s why we keep getting strange rejections but after a few re-submissions it should get through. I usually give up after the 4th or 5th.

      All the best,



  2. Thank you Alex for your reply!

    Depositphotos, Dreamstime images and Pond 5 videos are the most recent. I am not checking any more my submissions at SS. Their ridiculousness is just too much for me. Even they surprised me recently by selling one of my images at the price of 2.40 euros!

    I am still closer and closer to a decision to choose three agencies and do not bather any more with the rest (Mostphotos, Pixta, SS, Bigstock…).

    Take care


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