How to Earn $500/Month with Stock Photography

Excuse me for the click-bait title, but trust me this tutorial will provide you a concrete step-by-step analysis of how you may reach the $500/month milestone with Microstock Photography side-business.

Google hates duplicate content so I kindly ask you to click on the link to my guest post at the blog:

–> How to Earn $500/Month with Stock Photography <–


I trust you’ll find it useful / interesting and please let me know if you have any questions and/or comments below.




  1. Alex,

    In hindsight do you regret your boycott of iStock? I’ve followed your blog for awhile and if I recall for awhile you stopped your uploading to them.

    Now in writing blogs like this “$500/month etc” do you regret not submitting to as many agencies as possible?

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    • Hi Kaleb,

      Yes, absolutely I regret boycotting them, I could have been earning 2x or 3x /month with iStock had I not boycotted them for so long and it would have made no difference to them, but huge difference to my bottom line. Some agencies aren’t worth the hassle unless you’re using StockSubmitter imo. I’ve dropped Canstock recently and thought about dropping Canva but opted not to because I do like them even if the results there are minuscule.

      Thanks for following me and good luck


  2. Hi Alex, great post as usual! What I appreciate more is the rude but true suggestion that you give: microstock requires time, and you mention specifically three years. This is exactly my forecast for a new microstock contributor: it’s a long run, not a get rich quick scheme.

    Well done! Bravo.


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    • Definitely not a get rich scheme. I have only just started this year with it. Really looking to smash uploads next year and grow the portfolio.


  3. Great content I’ve just started to use WordPress to blog about my experience so far with stock photography. Hopefully one day it will have a post I made 500 this month. If your interested please have a ready any advice would be great :-

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