EveryPixel, the Future of AI Keywording

Wouldn’t you just love it if you could simply upload an image and the algorithm keywords the images within seconds? Until recently, I thought this was the talk of science fiction, That is until today when I recently stumble upon this cool piece of futuristic software.

EveryPixel Aesthetics

The tool I’m referring to is EveryPixel Aesthetics, which serves two purposes:

  1. See the beauty in the photos with a rating
  2. Keyword the image for you

I don’t care much for #1, but I’ve been testing out #2 with some positive results, even if it still at beta stage. Here’s a screenshot with some details on the software:


I tested the program by uploading a few of my pictures

First, one of my recent airplane uploads:


Quite impressed the AI picked up on the type of airplane and some good starting keywords. Later you can add more specific ones.

I tested with some people:


Not bad, as it picked up on the main exercise-related keywords and even the dude’s ethnicity.

Let’s try an iconic London skyline:


A good start with all being accurate keywords that I would use.

I picked out this image (not mine) of a bald eagle picking up a salmon to test how accurate the keywords came out.

Not bad…although the software failed to include the keyword “salmon”

Try it out yourself and comment below how useful you find it!

I’ll keep playing around

I’m positively impressed with Everypixel Aesthetics and will use it as a starting point in my keywording workflow.

In fact, I have so many keywording tools currently at my disposal to speed up my workflow., including keyword.io I reviewed a few months ago. Then there’s the build-in software within StockSubmitter.

Remember that in this game, TIME IS MONEY, so the quicker and more accurately you can manage your workflow, the more you’ll be able to produce in a shorter time. Please let me know how you get on.

I’m off to Venice until next Thrus and will write about some of my experiences upon my return. I’m looking to capture some footage, which should be interesting!

Speak soon


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