Introducing Alamy Live News, With Some Examples

Been spending a few days in London and I’ve been fortunate that the weather has been fantastic (it’s usually drizzly/cloudy). In total I’m working through my 200 or so images over 3 days, but I have prioritised post-processing and uploading some Alamy Live News images which have the shortest-shelf life. These must be captured/keyworded & submitted within 24 hours of capturing such “news”.

How does Alamy Live News Work


What Constitutes a “Newsworthy Event”

This is quite wide. According to Alamy:

If you want to sell news photos you need to recognise what makes a good news, sport or entertainment picture: it should stop us in our tracks when flicking through our newspaper, but it is difficult to define. A news image could be a shot of a momentous event, an arresting image of a politician at an otherwise boring press conference, a celebrity in a marathon or of a beautiful sunrise. You will know it when you take it. The images all need to be of the moment and submitted to us within minutes of the event taking place.

Pick up a newspaper or switch on the news to see what news photography is all about. It’s not just scandal and disaster.

I didn’t capture any images of a politician being arrested but the next thing is the British obsession with the weather. If you’ve spent any time reading UK newspapers you’ll see many articles devoted to the weather since it’s a major talking point. Here’s some examples from a nice Autumn walk in Hyde Park, London during a sunny day.

Here’s the link to this exciting Live News Event and where it appears on the news feed.

Another News Event – Christmas Lights on Oxford St.

Taking advantage of the blue skies I captured some images of the lights on Oxford Street ahead of the Christmas shopping season. Now, this a hugely popular street and this theme has been exhausted.

However, I looking at some of the existing images, I can see that there’s relatively few images of the lights during the day and even less images of blue sky (a rare occurrence in London, especially compared to Italy). So, I’ve gone ahead and uploaded the following three images to Alamy’s newsfeed as Live News:

Immigration Queue at Milan’s Malpensa Airport

I’ve also submitted these two images of long queues arriving back in Milan. This may or may not be accepted as Live News (depends on the caption). So, I’ve linked it to current Brexit theme of some EU member states causing some issues with arriving Brits at European airports. In any case, these types of images are premium, regardless if they’re Live News or not, since I risk getting in trouble with airport security.

Will keep you up to date on how these do. Now back to post-processing the remaining London pics. Will be back later with my story behind some of the best ones.

Talk to you later!



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