Shortlisted – Travel Photographer of the Year 2017!

Wohooo! I’ve just been shortlisted for the Travel Photographer of the Year 2017 for category of “Celebration of Humanity”. Again, here’s details on the category:

“Celebration of Humanity

In a shrinking world the diversity of cultures around the globe is inspiring. Our differences are something that we should celebrate and share. This category is all about diversity, interaction, communication within cultures and across borders – what do we share, what makes us different and what makes us human? Show us what makes humanity and celebrate it in a portfolio of four images.”

Well, without further to do, this is the shortlisted image:


What’s next?

I have some admin to do by December 1st…which I won’t get into here.

The most important date will be December 16th, when I’ll find out whether I’ll be nominated for this fantastic title.

Stay tuned!

P.s Still pending at Stocksy, which is good news since some rejection letters have already been sent out…



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