Under the Tuscan Sun

I’ve just come back from a wonderful few days under the Tuscan sun. Florence was my hub and went on short day-trips to Pisa, Lucca and Siena.

The weather was kind and the tourist crowds manageable. For those thinking about visiting Italy, late Oct is a great time.

Where I visited

How many images did I capture?

In total, I shot 450 images which will be going on various image banks depending on the type of image.  I’ll follow the same concept as my trip to Provence in submitting my images EXCEPT I’m strengthening my Stocksy application, which is currently at 65 images out of a maximum of 100.

I’m also taking my time more by carefully keywording, thanks to advice provided by Clemency Wright Consulting.

Premium images

Again, what I consider to be premium images will be going to strengthen my Stocksy application. In case my application is rejected (which I feel is more likely than not), these premium images will be going to Robert Harding, ideally as Rights-Managed (I let them decide). If they reject them, then Alamy as Rights-Managed. Last and certainly least go my more generic images to Microstock.

So here are what I consider to be my top 4 “Premium commercial images”:

Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy
Ponte Vecchio, Florence
Long exposure of carousel at night in  Florence, Tuscany, Italy
Carousel in Florence
Small alleyway with quaint restaurant in Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Aperitivo-time in Siena
pisa duomo
Inside the Duomo in Pisa. The reason why I included this is that I used my tripod to capture this image (which isn’t allowed), otherwise I would have had to use silly amounts of ISO. I imagine there are few such high-quality images of this fantastic interior


These will be mainly going to Alamy as either Rights-Managed or Royalty-Free depending on how rare I feel they are.

Capturing editorials on this trip was an interesting experience. Instead of capturing touristic landmarks, I was much more interested in capturing peoples’ exaggerated reactions to capturing such landmarks. We’re living in social media oversharing overdrive.

I’ll show you a few examples of what I mean:

At Pisa, this was most evident with dozens of people trying to emulate the famous and ridiculous “holding up the Tower of Pisa” gesture. Even doing back flips!

While watching tourists do silly things, I spotted an airplane flying overhead. It was a Ryanair plane taking off from the nearby airport. Here’s the image:

Ryanair high resolution

Difficult to see, so here’s the zoom at high-resolution:

100% zoom

I’ve duly contacted Ryanair about licensing this image and haven’t received a response. I believe they would be interested and may be used to advertise Pisa as a worthwhile location. Here’s the email:

Trying to license directly would cut out the middleman. In any case, I’ll submit this to both Alamy and Shutterstock as Royalty-Free.

Next came more serious editorials, such as following a gypsy lady around near Florence’s stunning Duomo cathedral. Keep your wallet/purse close…

You can see them from miles away with their brightly coloured dressed. A strict “Vai Via!” should do it!

Next are some images of the entrance to the oldest bank in the world, Monte Dei Pasqui di Siena. It also happens to be bankrupt with the Italian government having bailed out the bank in July. The ongoing debacle makes these images possess high editorial-potential.

Arty stuff

As usual, I love capturing artsy stuff that will be submitted to my growing Fine Art America portfolio, of which I’ve written about recently. I’ll also be submitting these to Arcangel Images where my portfolio on there has broken the 500-image mark, although no sales yet :/

I still have a bunch to go through, but here’s 3 of my favs:

Skeletons on a date
These two must have been waiting for sales on Arcangel…
Narrow medieval entrance with virgin Mary mural in Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Red Italian vespa parked on street with other motorbikes
Red works so well here to stand out


Last and certainly least, are my images which will be going on Micros. These are by all means high-quality but more generic in nature. Here’s 5 of them:

Florence pano
You must be thinking, what the fuck, why isn’t this premium? I’ll tell you why…it’s because this panoramic vantage point on Piazza Michelangelo is extremely generic with millions of similar images available – go check yourself if you don’t believe me!
Purple Azaleas background
A pretty yet generic wall with some purple flowers. I cloned out the name of the street to make it even more generic. Extra points for the copy space. Also going on FAA as someone may want to frame this on their wall
Playing with reflections
A pretty yet generic image of the River Arno flowing in Pisa
Asian tourists in Pisa, Italy disobey the sign to keep off the grass
Naughty naughty…how many Yaun is the 26 euro fine?


Hope you enjoyed some of my adventure and I’ll be back with you in a few months to tell you how these have done.

In another news, a shortlist will be announced NEXT WEEK To determine if I’ll be going through the next stage to become the Travel Photographer of the Year. Also pending with Stocksy and Master of Photography. So good things are coming…fingers crossed!

Until next time!











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