Staying Competitive by Finding Unique Photographic Angles

First of all, my condolences to my fellow Spanish Microstock contributor grinders in regards to today’s terrorist attack in Barcelona. Unfortunately, these terrorist attacks are becoming the new normal in Europe.

I was quite upset, so I did the most natural things to me, which is grab my camera and go biking. On a positive note, I’m happy to share with you some of my shots from this evening.

Look out for the unconventional

My photographic goal for the evening, other than blow off some steam, was to shoot a row of trucks lined up at one of the logistic hubs next to the airport. There was a good spot but with a bunch of  truck-drivers and I didn’t feel like inducing their potential wrath (not everybody likes having their picture taken).

So, I looked for another angle with nobody present. Later in Photoshop I cloned out all trademarks. Quite a nice versatile image related to the message of “trade and logistics”.


Shoot the light

By the time I was approaching the airport, the sun was setting. There was a beautiful magenta glow. The airport is surrounded by some wheat fields.

I quickly shot some nice golden light on some blades of wheat, ensuring I left out plenty of copy space. This won’t win any photography prizes or feature in a gallery but should get a few downloads:

Wheat field and blue sky

Same with this one which can be used in a variety of commercial media, perhaps with a positive message about a “good harvest”:

Empty football goal with sunlight and copy space

At the Airport, with a vantage point

I’ve taken literally hundred of images of the entrance to Milan Linate, with some doing OK being downloaded a few dozen times. This time, I was determined to find a unique angle, combined with the special lighting condition.

I noticed a nearby 5-floor car-park and thought why not shoot from up there and cycled all the way up. This is Italy and security is practically non-existent, for better or worse. The view up there was spectacular to say the least.

Even though I only had my 24-70 f2.8 go-to-lens, I zoomed in the max and shot this below (which I then cropped). I leaned it against a railing and tried my best to keep it steady. Now, I know next time to take my 200mm lens on a cropped sensor plus a tripod.

MIlan, Italy skyline at sunset
ISO 250, F9, 1/50 seconds

Then, focusing my attention on the adjacent arrivals terminal and runway, I managed to capture a series of wide angle shots and one closer up. Next time, I’ll wait until an airplane is taking off. I’ll also know this is an awesome spot to capture some footage.

Wide angle
Closer up with some passengers arriving and a bus leaving

Where to submit?

Along with my usual workflow which I’ve described in previous articles, I’ll be submitting the two above as RM Editorial to Alamy. I’ve checked some keywords on this airport and there are no images from this angle, thus making this image quite unique and high-value.

The remaining images will go as RF to both Shutterstock and Adobe Stock as they’re of a more generic nature.

So, all in all, I’m quite happy and will be back at that spot in the coming weeks.





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