Cities Declare War on Selfie Sticks – Stock Trend Update

As part of an effort to crack down on anti-social behaviour, Milan’s local government has recently voted to ban the selfie stick from its town centre! Many other cities and some landmarks/businesses are taking the same stand against them, such a Disneyland. Goodbye to the perfect selfie.

Although selfie sticks seem harmless, there have been occasions when they have been used as weapons and are just a nuisance in crowded spaces.

So what does this have to do with stock photography? Everything!

As part of the series on following Stock Photography Trends, this new crackdown presents a perfect opportunity to capture and submit these types of editorial images, which should feature in many news pieces/blogs. Lucky for me, I have plenty of these images from my travels in Italy so I’ll search through my archives to submit them to stick agencies. Perhaps you do as well in your neck of the woods.

Well, here’s a few examples.

Selfies in Milan

A street seller and tourists at Milan's Central Station
Methink that part of the ban is directed at illegal street hawkers. Here’s one outside Milan’s Central station

Selfies in the Vatican


Selfies in Cinque Terre


Selfies in Venice


The above are nothing special. What I want to capture is a police officer cautioning someone using a selfie stick, with a famous landmark in the background! Now that would be unique.

Until next time and time to dig into my archives for more selfie pics!






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