What the top Microstock Photographers are saying about the Brutally Honest Guide!

I’ve been busy lately sending copies of the Guide to experienced Microstock photographers with the aim of obtaining some reviews. Here’s some quotes from some Microstock superstars:

“A good read especially for the newbies! Great work on writing a tech subject to reach a general audience.

The last chapter [Opportunities Outside of Microstock] is a wake-up call for the dreamers but a known for the veterans. We accept this challenge and learn to up our game to keep our income level the same or end higher.”

– Tom Baker, the “stay at home shooter” since he shoots 90% of his images at home in his studio, a great way to keep costs down!

“You provided a diverse view of the entire stock photo industry at large; including the macro/premium agents. For newcomers, I believe that it will be very helpful for them to know that there is indeed another side to the sales processes. The book is assistive to any stock photographer looking to gain valuable information and additional thought processing and skills.”

Shannon Fagan, award winning assignment and stock photographer for clients such as Intel, BMW, Time, Fortune and New Yorker

“It’s full of great information, and no false-promises. Microstock is a tough business nowadays, but you’ve covered a lot of what newcomers will need to know, and a few harsh-realities experienced photographers would do well to listen to.”

– Robert Davies, programmer, stock photographer and developer of picNiche and picWorkflow 

“Spoiler alert: It is in fact very useful book for us who are thinking about stock photos, and photography in general.

The first part are the confirmation what a seasoned photographer already know but a newbie needs absolutely to read. The second part is more stock related, honest opinions about agencies, business and clients its all we need to know to have “success” in this kind of work.

I love the case study that the book presents, it is a truly and honestly example of what we can earn in this of business. I also like all the tips and tricks that come in every section of the book.

Thank you, Alexandre. It is in fact a great book.

– Filipe Nogueira, Portuguese Travel Photographer

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