What’s Trending? Millennials & technology!

I’m often asked about which types of themes to focus on to ensure a steady stream of downloads. My answer is to always think about what is currently trending and will be trending in the near future. I’ve written about trends numerous time, including one such blog post about using predictions for the next 20 years to create profitable images.

This time ’round, thanks to a friend, I was fortunate to visit a classroom full of millennials working on advanced photography and video projects. I took some stealth shots of them. Unfortunately, I won’t use for stock since I don’t feel is appropriate to ask the students to sign model releases. As for editorials, I’m not sure yet as I have to think about which type of story of human interest I can spin.

In any case, if one day I have both the budget and a location, I would like to re-create some of the following scenes. I’m confident these types of images would be in demand.

First theme: Solitary tech work

This theme is about solitary work in a new age high-tech company comprised of “hipster millennials”. Check out the open plan office, lots of light, casual dress code (including headphones) and laptops which mean remote work. A far cry from the boring 9-5 / 40 hour week office environment of our parents’ and grandparents’ generation.

Second theme – High-tech Group work

Wider shots showing how this high-tech company works as a team. Lots of interaction and discussion in a flat management structure (who’s the boss, if any)? A hive of creative synergies.

Third theme – Who’s the boss? Doesn’t matter.

Maybe this guy is the boss or not, who knows? What’s important is that it’s an authentic shot of a happy tech worker, which could be used in a versatile way to promote a range of high tech-businesses and/or products. In addition, it could be used to promote news pieces about millennials and technology, Human Resources and education.  

On a personal note, I may ask the above gentleman to sign a model release and I’ll blur the background even further to make the persons non-identifiable.

Fourth theme – The high-tech classroom / presentation room

Empty and brightly lit presentation room with chairs and projector
The generic high-tech classroom / presentation room which I’ll be submitting to micros. Finally a shot I can use!

Have you been able to pull of a photo shoot like the above? If so, how successful were you in terms of sales? Comment below!

Until next time.




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