Two FREE Stock Photo Critiques – no strings attached

Until the end of October, I’m providing a FREE STOCK PHOTO CRITIQUE SERVICE of any TWO of your stock photos. No cost. No obligations. Hassle free.

These detailed critiques are something that I have been doing as an extra for those who purchase a copy of my book, The Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography. If you do purchase a copy, I’ll provide a detailed critique of FIVE stock photos – more details at the end of the article.

Meanwhile, here are three examples of reviews I recently put together.

Example 1:

Original image which I was asked to critique

My review:

I just think that’s there’s too much going on and made one version with the food and another with the coffee. I’m not a big fan of the subject smack in the middle. Also, took away the background that was a little distracting (I didn’t do the best job as it’s just for you to  get the idea, so I trust you’ll spend more time on this).

I then brightening it up and warmed it up slightly. Added a small filter of light coming from left to right. Try submitting this version.

Example 2:

Image I was asked to review

My review:

Alex critique4-2

A great concept stock shot. I cropped it a bit and did the opposite to cool it down and increased highlights (a bit risky since an agency may reject for lighting but worth a try). Also increased the red colour for it to stand out in the monitor. Great work!

Overall, great stock concepts. I would recommend to try to get some model releases to show more of the model as these would certainly add value to the image.

Example 3:

Pancake stand
Image I was asked to critique

My review:

Pancake stand

Technicals: Ok, this an editorial so need to be a bit more liberal with technicals as you have to act quicker. You obviously have a powerful camera so it’s OK to crop in post-processing (see my example). I also made it pop a bit more, I seem to be saying this a lot lately 🙂

Get really close to the subject which should help you tell your story. The fact that she’s on her phone and not eating is a bit of missed opportunity…perhaps you have other shots of people eating there or can go back. There is a disconnect between the phone and food.

Editorial value: Yes, could be depending on this brand and the shopping centre. I can’t comment much on this but these type of street shots generally do quite well on Alamy.

Include these keywords / phrases: almonds, banana, berries, blueberries, breakfast, dessert, pancake, food truck, healthy, green, nature, vegetable, transportation, group, color, fresh, ripe, summer, red, isolated, vegetarian, natural, fruit, people, produce, diet, woman using her phone, 25-30 woman

As per above, if you do include keywords (metadata) in your image, I’ll also provide you a review of such keywords and suggest changes/inclusions to make sure that clients find your image among the millions out there.

How do you get started?

Simply email me two of your low-resolution image (if you would like to watermark them, that’s fine) to:

I hope to reply to you in maximum two days. One tip would be to send images which you have not yet submitted to any agencies!

Purchase a copy of my book and upgrade to a detailed review of 5 of your images

As part of my offer when purchasing a copy of my book, I provide an upgrade of detailed critiques of 5 of your stock photos, together with fantastic advice on how to turn your stock photos into cash!

To purchase a copy – click on this link!

Brutally Honest Guide to Microstock Photography

Take advantage today and until next time!




  1. Thanks Alex for your detailed reviews. They really opened my eyes in many ways.

    Next to that I really recommend everyone to get the ebook mentioned. Alex is sharing really so much knowledge and details what most other established contributors would share. Respect for that.

    Thank you Alex.


    Liked by 1 person

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