Nostalgia: Some stock image of the Netherlands

Having lived in Rotterdam, Netherlands between 2011 and 2014, I enjoyed the experience for the most part. What stood out the most was the friendliness of the Dutch people, despite many living up to the reputation as being brutally direct – that’s fine with me!

My time in the Netherlands was when I developed my photography craft. In fact, the country is perfect for an outdoor photographer as there’s four seasons in one day!

Apart from the interesting weather, I enjoyed exploring the country on two wheels! The country is a leader in providing its citizens with high-quality cycling infrastructure.

I’m happy to share with you some of my favourite images from the Netherlands which I’ve submitted to various stock images. Even after 4/5 years, some of these images are still occasionally downloaded, long after the image’s life cycle has been finished.

Goed zo!

The Food

Well, Holland isn’t known as culinary heaven, but there’s still some quite delicious treats.

bitter ballen
Bitterballen are a Dutch meat-based snack, typically containing a mixture of beef or veal, beef broth, butter, flour for thickening, parsley, salt and pepper, resulting in a thick roux
dutch food
Dutch people eat chocolate sprinkles for breakfast on bread and butter, really
BBQ on park in the Netherlands (2)
BBQ in the park


An article about the Netherlands isn’t complete without mentioning the beautiful tulip fields around the Lisse area, near Leiden. Visit the Keukenhof gardens in the spring and you won’t be disappointed!

The Beaches are quite nice too

Dutch beaches beautiful with fine sand. Wind-protected cafes and restaurants dot the beaches, especially around Scheveningen, Noordwijk, Zandvoort and bloemendaal.


Bike path next to the beach
A cycling path at a beach in Zeeland
High winds make it perfect for wind-surfing


Naturally, since I lived in Rotterdam that’s where I have the most pictures. It’s an interesting city and unlike any other Dutch city since it was almost completely bombed in WWII, leading to some interesting architecture.

Old harbour
Cubic houses and Oudehaven cafes
The Witte Huis or White House is a building and National Heritage Site in Rotterdam, Netherlands, built in 1898 in the Art Nouveau style. Here I used a filter to give it an “old world feel”

Markthal food market, inaugurated in 2015

Kop Van Zuid Panorama
Kop Van Zuid district with the Erasmus Bridge


Stadion Feijenoord more commonly known by its nickname De Kuip. Fierce rivals of Amsterdam’s Ajax
Muslim temple in Rotterdam (1)
Mosque in Rotterdam, the largest in Holland. The city is home to a large Turkish and Moroccan 2nd generation population

The Hague

Dutch Parliament in The Hague
Home to the seat of the Dutch government
The Hague
Vibrant and cosmopolitan Hague

Cycling infrastructure

Nobody does it better than the Dutch…here’s some examples.

Bridge in Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Cycling bridge near Zoetermeer
Eerie futuristic tunnel

Old World Charm

Gouda Town Hall
15th century town hall in Gouda, famous for its cheese
Delfshaven, one of the few neighbourhoods in Rotterdam that wasn’t destroyed in WWII
Schiedam, which hosts the world’s tallest windmills famous for the production of jenever (gin)

Leaving the Netherlands in style

I loved spending time near Schiphol.


Tot ziens Nederland!


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