Become the Official Photographer for Le Méridien Hotels Worldwide

Hey fellow grinders,

Earning a living only from stock photography is reserved for the privileged few with either massive portfolios (10k+) and/or a specific niche.

For mere mortals, me included, we must rely on obtaining photography gigs to survive and supplement incomes from subscription sales. Some gigs, at the following, will greatly increase your professional profile and CV. Another way to get on your way to becoming a more famous photographer is by winning major photography competitions.   

About the Gig

I spotted an ad to become the Official Photographer for the huge hotel chain of Le Meridien, which I’m considering applying. Here’s a brief scoop:

After truly successful collaborations with renowned artists such as Marcus Kreiss and Gray Malin, Le Méridien is now calling on travel and lifestyle photographers around the world to submit their photography for the opportunity to become Le Méridien’s next official photographer, providing photography that will be part of their ‘Follow Me Video Art Project’, a 24-hour visual journey showcased in all Le Méridien hotels globally.

Here’s a few of the perks:

Up to 5 Selected Artists will be commissioned to capture a portfolio of 200 photos each following one of the three themes outlined within this Creative Invite for a 5 week period during summer 2017. The Selected Artist’s work will be turned into short ‘art films’ that will be on rotation within all Le Méridien hotels, and the artist will also have their name credited clearly within the hotels and on digital and social, gaining them exposure in front of 7 million visitors every year!

The Selected Artists will receive a grand package of $5,000 each and 200,000 Starpoints to use at any Le Méridien hotel around the world (approximate value 8 days stay at a Le Méridien hotel/cash value of approximately $7,000).

How to Apply

  • You should submit a minimum of 5 and up to 10 images within your submission. The work submitted may be used to count towards the final 200 photos that have to be delivered if selected.
  • Photographers may submit existing work from their portfolio, but work should be inspired by the below three (3) categories – all passions and insights embraced by Le Méridien. Please see this Background Information pack for more info.
    • The Golden Age of Travel
    • Rouge
    • 50’s and 60’s Cinema

More details on those three themes on this link. 

Selecting those 5 – 10 images…

This is always the tough part, selecting the images. Well, they’re looking for 50s / 60s styled images revolving around the theme of travel during that glorious period “when the journey was as special and glamorous as the destination itself” – their words not mine. At the onset, perhaps some images from Portobello Antiques Market in London:

Perhaps a vespa and need to see if that colour is really a “rouge” in the palette:


I really have to have a good think about this and probably re-post process some of my images with 50s / 60s style VSCO filters. Meanwhile, just wanted to give you a head’s up on this wonderful opportunity.

Good luck if you’re applying and here’s the link again to the call to action.





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