Caught a special (lucky) moment today!

Hey all,

Photography is all about timing and a little bit of luck.

Today in front of Milan’s iconic Duomo, I caught this couple being close and the light was just perfect, as there was a deep shadow on foreground and bright sunshine on background, lending itself to a silhouette opportunity. The building by itself is already superb, but as I’ve stated before, images with people are more likely to make an impact!

I think it would make a fine cover of a book, what do you think? I’m leaning towards uploading it to Arcangel images and Fine Art America. Or I’ll stick in Microstock, what do you think? Perhaps this will be the start of a new breakthrough..

Before / After


Silhouette of a young couple kiss in front of Milan' s Gothic cathedral
Here it is in a bigger size…

Or perhaps luck is just about being at the right place, at the right time. In that case, I hope to keep getting lucky!


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